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Well, what a Bank Holiday weekend it’s been!

On Friday I sent off my latest manuscript to my editor! It’s hard to describe the emotions tied up in pressing send on that email because it’s been two long, hard years since I last completed a book. Anyone who follows this blog regularly will know that I have suffered ill health, including chronic fatigue and immune system problems, and my writing was hit hard – not least because there were days when simply thinking or standing was a struggle. There were times at the beginning when I honestly wondered if I’d ever be capable of writing again. Last year I started doing just that, though, and have been taking things slow and steady, often likening myself to a tortoise in the process (ah, how I longed for the days when I used to be a hare!). There have been times (frequently) when frustration took over and I wondered if I’d ever get it completed. It’s taken around 12 months to finish but it’s with great pride that I can finally say: ‘I’ve done it!’

The completion of the book has coincided with a flurry of other news regarding my backlist, none of which I can share with you right now, but please bare with me as I can’t wait to tell you!

One thing I CAN share with you, however, is how much fun I had yesterday, while chatting all things psychological thriller as part of the wonderful Newcastle Noir’s online festival. I’m on the ‘Am I Losing My Mind?’ panel with Lisa Ballantyne, Louise Candlish and Sarah Stovell. You’ll be able to watch it on Newcastle Noir’s YouTube channel from Saturday at 7pm.

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  1. So happy to hear the book news, Barbara. Not just for myself, as I always get excited when you finish a book. But mostly for you. I can only imagine how accomplished you must feel after everything. Continued strong and positive vibes! xx

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    1. Thank you so much for your message! I’m really glad you’re excited about the book – and I really appreciate those positive vibes ❤ x

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  2. Many, many congratulations for getting the book done! And looking forward to the exciting news about your backlist 🙂 x

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    1. Thanks, Claire! After so long out of the loop, everything seems to be happening at once! It’s a wonderful feeling to be ‘back’! x

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  3. Congratulations Barbara and well done to battle through all the setbacks. Wishing you lots of success with all your projects.

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    1. What a lovely message! Thank you, Jessica, it’s much appreciated ! x

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