Cover reveal! UN’AMICA QUASI PERFETTA – the Italian edition of The Perfect Friend #DreamComeTrue #ThrillerPsicologico #DaLeggere #ThrillerConSuspense #DaNonPerdere #UnAmicaQuasiPerfetta

One of the many things I love about being a writer is that there are always new goals to aim for and new achievements to celebrate. Today, I’m doing a happy dance around my house (and a bit in the garden because the sun is shining – oh, my poor neighbours!) because a dream of mine has come true. The cover of my first ever foreign rights book is revealed.

What do you think of it? It’s so different from the original design, but no less atmospheric or striking. I have to admit, I love it – but I’m biased.

Knowing that people in other countries read my books always makes me want to pinch myself at the best of times. It’s a strange but wonderful feeling when I hear from readers from far-flung places who have enjoyed stories I’ve written. But they are always read in English. I know so many authors who have all kinds of translations across the world, and I’ve always wondered if it would ever happen for me. To see one of my books translated into another language is simply incredible!

Now Italians can read The Perfect Friend in their own language. I’m so happy, and really hope that at least a handful of Italians find some enjoyment losing themselves in the pages of Un’Amica Quasi Perfetta.

If you want to find out more, please click here

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