TBC 20/20 Blogger Event Wednesday Top Five

Absolutely overjoyed FLOWERS FOR THE DEAD has been included in this list of all time favourite books by the lovely Jo, over on My Chestnut Reading Tree. to read about her other incredible recommendations, read on…!


I’m over the half way mark now in my top 20 All time favourites that I’ve posted daily in THE Book Club 20/20 Blogger Event over on Facebook. I’ve added quite a few of the books mentioned by other bloggers to my wish list and have also loved seeing some great books that didn’t make my list (it was HARD to narrow it down!) have made it into others.

1. Asta’s Book by Barbara Vine

1905 Asta, her husband and their 2 little boys have left Denmark for London. Secrets are written in her diaries that are read many years later by her granddaughter. Are they the key to a missing child?
I have a very well worn paperback copy of this book I have had for years..it’s one of the few books I can happily read once every couple of years and still get something new from it each…

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