Guest Post – Author Barbara Copperthwaite @BCopperthwait

Today I’m over on Mrs Bloggs Books, where I’ve written a very revealing post about where I write and why… Check it out!

Mrs Bloggs: The Average Reader

I’m really thrilled to have a guest post by author Barbara Copperthwaite on my blog today. Over to Barbara now:-

Choosing the write place
A popular question people like to ask authors is “where’s your favourite place to write”. But for me the answer is surprisingly complicated – and very revealing because it gives away exactly where I am in the writing process!

ANSWER ONE: The cafe

In the first flush of writing a new novel, I cannot stay home. I find it hard to concentrate because I don’t know either the storyline or the characters well enough yet to be able to lose myself in them. There is housework I could do, or a book to read, or an interesting conversation to be had on the phone, or… So I scurry to a local café, where I can combine people-watching with writing.

Being there also puts me under a…

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