BLOOD TYPE: Cass Green



“Every time I finish a book I get the feeling that I will never have an idea for another.”

CRIME AUTHORS SPILL THEIR GUTS ABOUT WRITING. Every Thursday topnotch authors of psychological thrillers and crime fiction share their writing secrets – and the secrets to their success – with you and me.

This week: CASS GREEN

Tell us about yourself…caroline-green

I’m the author of four young adult novels – DARK RIDE, CRACKS, FRAGMENTS AND HOLD YOUR BREATH under my real name, Caroline Green. I’m taking my first steps into adult crime writing as Cass Green with THE WOMAN NEXT DOOR, published by Harper Collins Killer Reads on 22nd July.

How do you go about plotting your book?

I’m somewhere in between a plotter and a pantser. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve tried and failed to be super organised with note cards. I’m basically obsessed with stationary, so I don’t any excuse!

But I do have to work a rough plot before I start. If I am left to go off on a frolic of my own my plot will be, well, pants. I’ve had a bit of revolutionary shift recently in discovering that I can plot using… TO READ THE INTERVIEW IN FULL, CLICK HERE

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