WEEKLY ROUND UP: Reviews, interviews, & finding my mojo!



“Hmm, ‘incredibly talented authors’, now there’s a segue…!”

A brilliant week! It has ended on such a high – but first let me tell you about how it kicked off.

On Sunday, I was interviewed by the very lovely Nicky Doherty, who (along with Julie Blackie) is one half of the writing duo who make up Nicky Black – authors of The Prodigal. The results can be seen here.

Next up, on Monday, I got two INCREDIBLE reviews from bloggers, one for Invisible (from By The Letter Book Reviews), and one for Flowers For The Dead (from My Chestnut Reading Tree), as well as a couple of great Amazon reviews for them, too (I really, really love it when readers leave a review as you are the ones who buy the books).

Tuesday saw me do a double review for the first time: Sarah Ward’s fabulous detective series kicked off with In Bitter Chill last year, and 1 September will see the publication of the follow up, A Deadly Thaw. I loved both of them – and didn’t realise until after I’d posted that mine is the VERY FIRST review A Deadly Thaw has received. How cool is that? And what a privilege! (Read the reviews here for In Bitter Chill and A Deadly Thaw)

The wonderful A.J. Waines featured on Blood Type, on Thursday, and gave some brilliant tips for writers, as well as amazing insight into her books. I don’t know about you, but I’m really enjoying this series, and feel as if I’m really getting to know some incredibly talented authors.

Hmm, ‘incredibly talented authors’, now there’s a segue…! Because my next exciting news (well, exciting to me!) is that yesterday, I bashed out the opening scene of my next book because inspiration wouldn’t wait! It was a great confirmation that my writing mojo is back, after several months of struggling with ill health that has also impacted on my creativity. Now I just have to finish Dying Light!

DYING LIGHT is really coming on now, too. I’ll soon be in a position to post a the opening lines of it, to whet your appetite. But there’s been some random Googling involved as I’ve written this week:

sunrise and sunset times
Tupperware cloche
The impact of cold on brain injuries…

Ha! Puzzle on that lot while enjoying your lovely long weekend. Happy Bank Holiday, everyone! x

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  1. It sounds like you’ve had such an eventful week! I recently obtained a copy of an author’s book for me to specifically review (I’m sort on the other end of the stick) and I’m really excited to crack on with it.

    Although I’m not reviewing one of your books, it still made me smile to read the positive impact that readers’ reviews and interviews etc. can have on the author. Very encouraging! 🙂


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Judith! Thanks for commenting 🙂 Reviews make such a huge difference to authors. Whether they are positive or negative,a well-written, well-considered review can inform both readers and authors. So good luck with your reviewing and blogging! x

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Sarah Hardy says:

    Many thanks for the mention Barbara and so glad to see you pushing that fab book more. x


    1. Thank you, Sarah 🙂 I’m going to get some promo banners made for Invisible – you can bet that your review will be quoted! So glad you enjoyed Invisible so much x

      Liked by 1 person

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