WEEKLY ROUND UP: Hitting the 100!


Only a tiny fraction of readers leave reviews, but they make such a massive difference – authors love reviewers!

Today is, apparently, National Readathon Day 2016.Which is lucky, because it gives me a mighty fine excuse to do what I was going to do anyway: devote the entire weekend to reading!

I’m just finishing off a sneaky early peek at A Deadly Thaw, the follow up to Sarah Ward’s In Bitter Chill. I’ll be posting reviews of both of these next week. Then I’ll be diving into The Night Stalker, the second of Robert Bryndza’s crime novels. Ah, bliss! What are you reading this weekend?

Those of you who saw Wednesday’s post will know I’ve been struggling with my health, which has impacted creatively (if you want to read the post, here it is https://barbaracopperthwaite.wordpress.com/…/the-lonelines…/ ). I finished the post in a matter of minutes, an outpouring of both frustration but also determination. Never for a moment did I expect the reaction it got. Innumerable authors, both self- and traditionally published, contacted me here, on Facebook, and on Twitter, to say they had all felt that way, too. That it’s part of the process. That I was right to bring into the light a part of being an author that often lurks in the shadows, never spoken of.

Between that reaction, and the fact that my cold is finally clearing after a weak of croaking and coughing, I’ve managed to do some more writing this week. So although DYING LIGHT is postponed, it IS slowly getting there!

Thank you all for your patience, and for helping me along the journey.

I must also thank all of you who have left reviews for FLOWERS FOR THE DEAD. Yesterday it reached over 100 reviews! What’s more, a whopping 81 of them are 5*****! I’m incredibly proud of this, and it’s given me just the boost I needed. It feels like such a huge achievement and I’m very, very grateful to you all. Only a tiny fraction of readers leave reviews, but they make such a massive difference – authors love reviewers!

Have a wonderful weekend, and happy readathon x

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