Barbara Copperthwaite – Author in the Spotlight

Today I’m featured on the wonderful Portobello Book Blog, chatting about life as an author. Huge thanks to Joanne Baird for asking me – it was a real treat! Here’s an extract to entice you, and make sure you pop over to read the rest of the interview, and look around the site, where she has some brilliant book recommendations.

Portobello Book Blog


I’m delighted to welcome Barbara Copperthwaite as my Author in the Spotlight today. I read Barbara’s book Flowers for the Dead last year and thought it was brilliant. You can read my review here: Flowers for the Dead. The book was published on 2nd September 2015 and you can order a copy here.

First of all, would you tell me a little about yourself?

Despite writing about crime, I’m actually a very cheery person! But I’ve spent over twenty years as a journalist, interviewing people who have been victims of crime, either directly or through the loss of loved ones. As a result of people bravely and generously sharing their experiences with me, I know a lot about the emotional impact of violence and wrongdoing. That’s why my novels are not simply about the criminal act, but the repercussions they have; people are always at the heart of my…

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