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October 2015

Bag a best seller bargain!

Best seller Flowers For The Dead, by Barbara Copperthwaite
Quick! Bestseller Flowers For The Dead is on special offer!

As Flowers For The Dead continues to feature on three Amazon bestsellers categories, I decided it was time to celebrate a little more. So for one week only, the psychological crime thriller can be bought as an ebook for just 99p!

Not only is it on Amazon’s bestselling Psychological Thriller; Psychological Fiction; and Crime, Thriller & Mystery lists, it is also flying up the Kindle Countdown Deals chart. As the time of writing, it is number 13 (a good omen for the night before Halloween?).

So, bad a bargain bestseller, before it returns to full price! Click here to go to Amazon!

Also, don’t forget that you can WIN signed copies of both my bestselling novels, Flowers For The Dead and Invisible. All you have to do is leave an honest review (good, bad, or indifferent) on for Flowers For The Dead, then let me know on my Facebook page ( and you’ll be automatically entered into a prize drawer. Hurry, though, as the draw closes at midnight on Halloween!


Win! Signed copies of INVISIBLE and FLOWERS FOR THE DEAD

Barbara Copperthwaite's best selling novel, Invisible and Flowers For The Dead
One author, two bestsellers. Signed copies being given away!

Hurray! Hurray! Today is a very special day! So I’m doing something special for YOU to celebrate…
It’s been exactly one month since Flowers For The Dead was published – and it has been a bestseller for every single day of that month!
I am so happy, proud, jumping up and down with glee – and very, very grateful to you all. Without your support I wouldn’t have achieved any of this, and wouldn’t currently be sitting pretty on THREE separate Amazon best seller lists (Psychological Thriller; Psychological Fiction; and Crime, Thriller & Mystery Series).
As you may know if you follow my Facebook page, for the last couple of weeks I’ve done a prize draw, with anyone who leaves an honest review (good, bad, or indifferent) for Flowers For The Dead on Amazon. Their names have been entered, and one winner chosen at random to receive flowers – and Dayl Goulsbra-Jones and Anne Burgess have been the lucky winners so far.
This time, to celebrate the fabulous month Flowers For The Dead has had, I’m giving away signed copies of both Flowers For The Dead AND Invisible! That’s one signed copy each of both of my best-selling books for you to keep 🙂

The rules:
All you have to do is write an honest review of Flowers For The Dead on Amazon, then let me know by popping a comment on my Facebook page (otherwise I can’t keep track of who has done what).
One lucky person will be chosen at random to receive a signed copy of Flowers for the Dead, and a signed copy of Invisible – and it could be YOU!
It really is as simple as that!
The draw closes at midnight on Saturday 31 October 2015, and a winner will be chosen at random and announced on Sunday 1 November 2015.
Good luck everyone! x

* UK entrants only, sorry.

How to get away with murder!

The Writer's Circle shard this picture, which inspired today's post
The Writer’s Circle shard this picture, which inspired today’s post

Yesterday I was browsing on Facebook, as one does, when I spotted a wonderful photo being shared by the Writer’s Circle. It not only made me laugh, it got me thinking about everything that I have learned so far from writing my two bestsellers, INVISIBLE and FLOWERS FOR THE DEAD.

I had to learn all about forensics, for Invisible, and how it would be possible for someone to get away with violent crimes for so long – and also the tiny clues which could come together and slowly add up to guilt. I had to learn about the judicial process, and how little a wife would be actually be told, and spent a long time quizzing a criminal lawyer. It was utterly fascinating.

With Flowers For The Dead, there was even more to know. I had only a vague knowledge of the meanings of different flowers before I start the novel; now I am something of an authority on the subject. Learning taxidermy was both fascinating and vaguely creepy (you try working out how best to stuff a person. I’m glad I decided against the idea in the end!).

Then there was learning about the most efficient way to strangle someone, and the best knife to use within the plot. I spent days and days trying to work out how to rig a car to make a crash look like an accident, even though only a tiny fraction of the research ended up being used (I feel much safer in a car, knowing it is actually virtually impossible to do this!)

The most disturbing thing for me, though, was learning all about surveillance equipment. It’s so readily available, so cheap, and so sinister… But I’ll save that for another blog! After all, I’m an expert in it now…!

Back to the day job…

My kingfisher sketch for the article
My kingfisher sketch for the article

With FLOWERS FOR THE DEAD still a bestseller, it’s been a little surreal to have to go back to my day job as a journalist. But I started this week interviewing a couple who almost died when a serial arsonist set fire to their home. This was the sixth place this random, twisted stranger had targeted, and luckily he was caught soon after, but the devastation to their property took months to fix – and the emotional impact can still be felt.

I also had to take part in a photoshoot for another article I’m writing, this time on how to boost one’s spirituality. I’ve hugged a tree, attempted to see my aura (failed, sadly), counted my blessings, and done all manner of other things during my 21 day challenge for the magazine. I’m not sure if I feel more spiritual, but I do feel more relaxed and positive, so I suppose that is the same thing?

It’s definitely been fun, that’s for sure, and I’ve rediscovered my love for yoga and drawing as a result (they were another part of the challenge. One was to connect with my creativity, so I drew a heron and a kingfisher; another was to simply try yoga. I’d forgotten how good it made me feel!)

The shoot was less fun, though, as I really dislike having my photo taken, but I take my hat off to the photographer, Robin, who managed a miracle – to put me at ease in from of a camera! The funniest thing, though was when I had to ‘dance energetically’ for the camera…whilst staying still. Striking a dynamic pose was something of a challenge, and I pitied poor Robin as he tried to show me what to do. I am not a natural model! We got there in the end though – phew!

I’ve also been busy working on my non-fiction nature book, putting the final touches to it before publication at the end of this month. To say it’s a little different from my crime novels is an understatement; for starters, as it’s based on my wildlife blog, there isn’t a murder in sight!

My sketch of a grey heron
My sketch of a grey heron

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