New Street Authors’ Group

Finally got round to posting a photo from the launch of last week’s New Street Authors’ Group, in Birmingham last week! It was a great night, I met lots of fellow independent authors and people interested in the industry, and the local news filmed everything. The evening also saw the launch of Andy Conway’s latest…

Go Be Wild greetings cards now in stores

I’m very proud, and extremely excited! Why? Because my newly-launched Go Be Wild greetings cards are now being stocked in a fabulous local store! Popular Kings Heath craft shop Armadillo, which boasts a range of quality goods, has added the wildlife cards to their store after being impressed with the range of images and their quality….

Peace in the wild city

The afternoon sun had decided to make an appearance, but was suddenly blotted out momentarily. A glance skywards instantly showed me why. Flying immediately overhead was a Grey Heron, its huge wings at full stretch, its body a sleek line from the tip of its sharp beak to the long, thin legs trailing behind it….

Nature, tailor made for you

On my website, Go Be Wild, promoting a love of nature is always a priority. The photographs I take show a slice of wildlife that I want to share with you – and now you can share with loved ones too, with a Go Be Wild greetings card pack. Uniquely, for a card service, if you want to…

Review: THE MURDER BAG, Tony Parsons

Read my review of The Murder Bag, by Tony Parsons. “There is something compelling about the novel…” For more, click here! p/559d00e20cf23c3562fd4ff1